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Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle Repairs

Repair options

When it comes to vehicle repairs and maintenance, TyreCom Autos can assist you by working according to your budget and requirements to help keep you mobile as cost effective and efficiently as possible.  We have very experienced vehicle technicians and we often use vehicle manufacturer repair data and recommendations.


Cars that are well taken care of outperform and outlast those that are not. Maintaining your vehicle’s health is always in your best interest in terms of safety, performance and long-term costs. If something is of concern with your vehicle, be it a change in function or performance or you hear abnormal noises, knocks, creaks and squeaks, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced auto technicians will assess your car and advise of cost-saving SOLUTIONS.

Choose the best PRICE, ADVICE and SERVICE...

We Can Help
  • We pride ourselves on offering honest and transparent vehicle assessments and diagnoses so you can rest assured we will only charge you for the works that are needed and only with your approvals and to ensure work can be completed in a timely manner.
  • We have built up an enviable reputation such that we offer warranty repairs for the AA, RAC, etc as well as main dealerships and other garages, etc in the automotive trade and company and fleet vehicles.
  • We use Original Equipment (OE) or manufacturer equivalent quality parts to repair or service your vehicle, thus helping to maintain your vehicle’s lifespan.  If you prefer, we can of course work to your budget using good quality value for money parts.
  • We also offer a comprehensive fast-fit service including, car and light van servicing, MOTs, tyres, alignment, exhausts, brakes, batteries, & more.

Our Repair Services

We repair or replace a vast range of items including:


We can help to maintain your essential braking components including pads, discs, shoes, calipers, brake sensors and braking fluid.


A good exhaust system will keep your car running smoothly. It performs a vital function to divert harmful exhaust fumes from your engine. An effective exhaust system will reduce emissions and can even improve your fuel economy.

Battery Replacements

We provide Battery Replacements service

Fuse & relay replacements

We provide Fuse & relay replacements services

Auxhillary/Fan Belts

We provide Auxhillary/Fan Belts service


Radiator & cooling system

We provide Radiator & cooling system service

Starter motors & alternators

We provide Starter motors & alternators services

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning re-gas and repair services.


Suspension Arms/Ball joints/Bushes

We provide Suspension Arms/Ball joints/Bushes services

Steering-track rod ends & inner tie rods

We provide Steering-track rod ends & inner tie rods services

CV joints & Driveshafts

We provide CV joints & Driveshafts services

Bulbs & lamp replacements

We provide Bulbs & lamp replacements services

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Clutches & Gearboxes (Transmission)

We provide Clutches & Gearboxes (Transmission) servicing


Timing belt / Cambelt replacements

We change timing belts using premium parts and according to manufacturer specified intervals to prevent costly engine damage

Further, we perform major repair works such as crucial timing / cam belt replacements. By referring to vehicle manufacturer data we can advise you of the recommended replacement intervals.

We Use Recognised Quality Parts

TyreCom Autos repair most vehicle makes and models using recognised quality parts. We also have vehicle manufacturer reference tools containing technical data, diagrams and common identified issues so the chances are we may have come across your problem before and can advise on cost saving common fixes.

We Also Do MOT Repairs

If your car has failed its MOT test or has MOT advisories that now need attention, as we are an authorised MOT testing station, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with correct cost-saving advice and the appropriate repair / remedy needed so your car will meet the requirements of the MOT re-test. Conveniently we offer many solutions in-house all under one roof for most issues to be resolved.

As we proudly offer an honest and transparent service, we only charge for what is needed so we can often help customers save compared to other MOT repair quotes. Further, even if your car has had its MOT elsewhere, we can still perform the MOT repairs needed in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way.

Our peace of mind guarantee

With TyreCom Autos you know your car is in good hands – our services are even used by the breakdown services such as AA, RAC, Greenflag, etc, warranty companies, other businesses in the automotive trade and our solutions have been adopted by main dealerships for many years. How many other auto repair garages can say that?

Our auto care and repair experience is a hassle-free experience and come with manufacturer and labour guarantees.

Vehicle Repairs

We Perform Thorough Checks

Be it an MOT or service, we perform numerous vehicle point checks. We endeavour to be as thorough as possible with your vehicle so we can advise you if we pick up on anything of concern during the checks which may develop further into a potential fault and may also be more costly in the long run. Therefore by attending to items of concerns in the early stages of a potential fault will assist you to better future-proof your vehicle.

Need a Repair?

Look no further

We are a one-stop resource for thousands of people for their car repairs and related services be it tyres, MOT testing, servicing, maintenance, diagnostics, alignment, battery replacements, bulb changes, etc

Call us today on 0121-474-5555 to discuss your car repair needs and see how we can help you with our services all under one roof.

Vehicle Repairs

Choose the best PRICE, ADVICE and SERVICE…

Vehicle Servicing & Maintenance Options

Most vehicle makes and models are serviced.  We service and maintain a vast range of items including:

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